“The drone strikes must stop”

5 Mar 2011 by Sahar, Comments Off

“My opinion about the Americans is that they kill innocent people, ” says 15 year-old Saeed-ullah who lost both his legs and an eye in what he says was a drone attack in North Waziristan.

BBC’s Newsbeat team interviews him on a rainy day in Islamabad’s Jinnah Market.

According to the New America Foundation somewhere between 1,386-2,210 people have died in American launched drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004.

Of those killed as many as one in five, and as low as one in six, are believed to be civilian.

Only “33 militant leaders” have been killed in these attacks since 2004, and of the estimated 607-993 killed in 2010 only “two” were on America’ s most wanted terrorists list, according to the Washington Post.

Most of the people killed are just “alleged foot soldiers” or people “suspected of being militants.” People who are subjected to no trial, no jury, no questioning just declared guilty and sentenced to death at the hands of a man-less humming drone. So its no surprise that last summer a study conducted for the UN concluded that the “prolific” use of US drone attacks amounted to “a license to kill without accountability.”

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