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26 Sep

Halal meat has never tasted so haram, courtesy NYPD.

To truly grasp the extent of NYPD’s “ethnic” surveillance, which started post 9/11 you must check out these documents on [&hellip

13 Mar

Demystifying Kashmir

STANFORD, CA: “This may be charged, it may be difficult; this is a controversial and emotional issue for many people, [&hellip

18 Feb

Youtubing find: appalling

I found this youtube clip from one of Mubashir Luqman’s show while browsing. Appalling. A politician and his brother sit while a young man is held face-down on the ground, with his pants pulled down. A police man is beating him with a stick. tuff like this goes on in Pakistan all the time. The powerful abuse their power. And the poor, or a better word in Urdu is “bay-baas” suffer. It’s this kind of injustice that really fuels people to head the mullah route.

6 Feb

Hanif Qureshi: Spin Doctor extraordinaire

Horrifying. Hanif Qureshi’s sermon a few days after Mumtaz Qadri executes Governor Taseer. It was allegedly Hanif Quershi’s sermons that [&hellip

23 Sep

A headline worth a thousand words

After years and years of being neglected by the US and the world, Kashmir made it to the front page [&hellip

28 Jun

The Virtual War comes home, again

I’ve never been a Vegas fan. Masked by grand shows and stars, the artificial magnanimity of the strip coupled with the pick-your-guilty-pleasure from our round-the-clock menu of booze, gambling and prostitution, seemed like a one-stop-shop to sell your soul.

To me, it made sense that the remote-control toy-operators that have killed over 900 people on Pakistani soil, were running their secret war right outside that very shop, from a base in Nevada. Little did I know, that they are also locking-into and annihilating targets 30-minutes away from my home in Houston, Texas

28 May

A message of hate from Texas resonates in Lahore

“I’ll tell you this — if you do build a mosque, I hope somebody blows it up. I hope the mosque isn’t built, and if it is, I hope it’s blown up, and I mean that.” —That comment was aired live across airwaves in Houston, Texas earlier this week. And the man behind the comments was Michael Berry, a former Houston City Council member and an award-winning radio talk show host with KPRC-950 AM.

19 May

The Cartoons aren’t the Real Crime

Keeping religious observance aside, I don’t want to see images of the Prophet. Just like I don’t want to see images of God. It keeps my faith pure and unadulterated. And I really need that in a world where my religion has been used as a flag to justify suicide bombings, oppression of women, and suppression of free speech

19 May

Editor’s Pick “Protesting Cartoons-Episode Kazillion”

News and opinion inside and outside Islamabad as a motion to ban Facebook moves in a Pakistani court, over a [&hellip

17 May

The Web of Spies & Lies inside and outside Islamabad

Two recent developments across the two ends of my world–the US and Pakistan–are wrapped in a web of spies & lies and I can only hope the truth will eventually make it beyond Pakistan’s shadow

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