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2 Mar

RIP Shahbaz Bhatti

Pakistan’s minority minister was brutally assassinated outside his mothers home in Islamabad on March 2nd after gunmen ambushed his vehicle and sprayed it with bullets

15 Jun

Editor’s Pick “Aftermath of Ahmadi Attacks”

News and opinions, inside and outside Islamabad on a culture of bigotry and intolerance. The deafening silence in most of Pakistan’s media and officialdom, after a hundred worshipers were brutally gunned down in Lahore highlighted a monster that is eating Pakistan from within. Here is a compilation of some of the brave voices that dared to discuss cruelty and barbarity of the May 28th attacks on Ahmadis in Lahore.

28 May

Editor’s Pick “the day Obama revealed his US National Security Strategy”

News inside and outside Islamabad as President Obama steps away from the Bush doctrine and reveals his new vision for a secure America. Also–is Fazlullah dead, if so what was he doing in Afghanistan?; Kashmir’s first survey done by a British academic reveals startling results; A Manhattan bus ads asking ‘Leaving Islam?’ cause a stir; Facebook ban spurs US flag sales in Pakistan; and CCTV technology that can spot insurgents–the future.

26 May

Editor’s Pick “the day the Ban was lifted”

News inside and outside Islamabad of Facebook ban finally being lifted, developments in the Faisal Shahzad plot, the US’s losing media battle in Pakistan, and some bizarre CIA secret weapons (fake Saddam gay sex tape and fake footage of Osama drinking by a campfire) that were never used

22 May

Editor’s Pick “an Army Major, the heir to a catering empire, and a telenor employee?”

What could a serving army major, the heir to a catering empire and a Telenor employee have in common? You [&hellip

20 May

Editor’s Pick “the day Facebook & Youtube were blocked”

News from inside and outside Islamabad the day the government decided to step in as the pure defender of Islam [&hellip

19 May

Editor’s Pick “Protesting Cartoons-Episode Kazillion”

News and opinion inside and outside Islamabad as a motion to ban Facebook moves in a Pakistani court, over a [&hellip

17 May

Editor’s Pick “Spies & Lies”

News inside and outside Islamabad reveals a web of spies and lies.

Inside Islamabad a leaked audio tape reveals Geo TV’s Hamid Mir (controversial anchor of capital talk, and the self-proclaimed last man to interview Osama Bin Laden) and a Taliban spokesman discussing the fate of Khalid Khawaja, a former intelligence agent whose bullet-ridden body was found a few weeks ago in Peshawar.

14 May

Editor’s Pick “The day Obama finally took on Oil Companies”

Finally a much needed rebuke for BP. As thousands of barrels of oil pour into the ocean, BP stands by its claim that the leak stands at 5,000-barrels. But a researcher says up to 70,000 barrels of oil could be leaking per day. Meanwhile, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has closed off another part of the Gulf of Mexico to fishing. Now, 8 percent of the Gulf area within 200 miles of the coast, legally called an exclusive economic zone is out of commission. The total closed area a week earlier had been 4.5 percent.

13 May

Editor’s Pick “The day the money trail led to more arrests”

I. ARRESTS IN THE US Investigators outside Islamabad follow Faisal Shahzad’s money trail leading to arrests in Long Island, New [&hellip

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