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23 Jun

Michael Hastings, you are my hero

Michael Hasting, you are my hero. Not for bringing down General McChrystal. Not for shaking things up in the White House. But for doing your job

27 May

Obama’s New National Security Strategy: The Post-Post-9/11 World

Our post 9/11 world may just be about to become out post-post 9/11 world. With a new plot and new characters President Obama has completely re-written the country’s National Security strategy that was last penned by Bush in 2002.

14 May

Editor’s Pick “The day Obama finally took on Oil Companies”

Finally a much needed rebuke for BP. As thousands of barrels of oil pour into the ocean, BP stands by its claim that the leak stands at 5,000-barrels. But a researcher says up to 70,000 barrels of oil could be leaking per day. Meanwhile, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has closed off another part of the Gulf of Mexico to fishing. Now, 8 percent of the Gulf area within 200 miles of the coast, legally called an exclusive economic zone is out of commission. The total closed area a week earlier had been 4.5 percent.

13 May

Editor’s Pick “The day the money trail led to more arrests”

I. ARRESTS IN THE US Investigators outside Islamabad follow Faisal Shahzad’s money trail leading to arrests in Long Island, New [&hellip

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